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Lakeview Outdoor Activities Limited – Swincar UK was born as a result of Covid-19, eighteen months of furlough and the cold sweats of a midlife crisis. I like many others I was a victim of the streamlining of the business structure undertaken by many company directors during furlough. But instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to scour the internet to find a business that was unique and unusual to the UK market. And I found the first piece of the jigsaw with the Swincar e-spider.

Swincar UK are an eco-tour operator and sales agent for the Swincar Organisation. We are proud to be the first fleet operator and sales distributor of Swincar in the UK.

Interested in joining our eco revolution and leasing or managing a fleet of your own, or do you fancy trading in that old petrol guzzling quad bike for something kinder to the environment? Either way we’d be happy to have a chin wag.

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Our mission: ‘is to offer our customers the ultimate outdoor electric vehicle experiences’ and we intend to do this by supporting the pioneer designers of the latest and most innovated modes of environmentally friendly leisure equipment.

We love our planet, but we also love that thrill off-roading and being outside, therefore our challenge is to find safe, clean, and environmentally friendly way to do this.

Here’s the sermon: Now is the time for us all to put the needs of our planet first, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying ourselves, there are ways to do both. Our countryside is an amazing place, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience it. The Swincar e-spiders unique design means that it’s not just a thrill seeker for those twenty somethings or a toy for us older folk with our expendable income, it’s a working multifunctional, multifaceted machine and above all (here’s the kicker) it gives access and freedom to the countryside for those people with reduced mobility.

Access for all is what we believe in.
  • 4 wheel drive provided by 4 individual wheel motors
  • 4 independent steering wheels
  • Rated power 6kW (peak> 18kW)
  • Maximum torque: 340Nm
  • Range up to 4hrs including 1000m of climbing
  • Steering wheel controls (throttle and brakes)
  • Reverse, lighting, parking brake, plate holder
  • Cargo rack and tank
  • Nacelle and wheels in pendulum balance
  • Independent tilting bolsters
  • Aluminium chassis and suspension mounts
  • 4 combined spring shock absorbers
  • 2 adjustable seats
  • Ground clearance 26 cm
  • Climbing ability: slopes up to> 50%
  • Cross slope stability: up to> 50%
  • Cross axle or diagonal suspension: up to 2x50%


The awards won by the Swincar Project.


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We care about our planet but we love the thrill of outdoor sports. Who says you can't have both.

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